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In service industry, content is the product. Travel management companies, placement consultants, advertising agencies, networking management companies and so on need regular content updation systems. Websites need to be updated with latest content and also store large amount of data as archives.

Content Management Systems are very useful because the website is totaly under control of the decision maker in the organisation and turn around time in minimal. This ensures that information is shared effectively internally within the organisation and externally among customers, shareholders and prospects.

Change is the only thing constant!Content management implementations must be able to manage content distributions and digital rights in content life cycle.Content management systems are usually involved with Digital Rights Management in order to control user access and digital rights.

In this step the read only structures of Digital Rights Management Systems force some limitations on Content Management implementations as they do not allow the protected contents to be changed in their life cycle.Creation of new contents using the managed(protected) ones is also another issue which will get the protected contents out of management controlling systems